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I grew up in the freshly painted suburbs of St. Louis, Missouri where I drove a Big Wheel and occasionally tee-peed my neighbors. In first grade, I was kissed on the cheek by Lisa Kirchoff and have been disastrously drawn to the female ever since. I spent ten years of my life making pizza and even went to college before realizing that there were musicians dying every day- someone had to take their place. I will not give up on the idea that life can be as adventurous as an Indiana Jones movie, and though I wish I was an astronaut, I believe that we can be the first band in space. I know it would require some training, but we're in pretty good shape. Ted BrunerTed Bruner
Andrew ConradAndrew Conrad Filtered through suburban anonymity. Late-bloomer/ripened. Past master at pessimism. Excessive tooth decay- enchanted by gelatinous candies. Tepid love for caffeine. Wardrobe: glasses and headphones. Visuals: furry dogs, women's legs. Attempting less than perfect personal canonization. Pleasant disposition- occasional cathartic destruction. Fear of terra cotta and dry hands. Loathe self-confidence. Sentimental.
I'm what most people would consider to be an "ugly sleeper" mouth is always open, my eyes are never completely shut, and I snore so loud that witnesses often fear I might one day swallow my own face. I drool. I never know where my keys are. Most common place to recover them--hanging in the lock outside the front door. Twice I've pulled away from a gas station before disengaging the pump from my tank--thank God those hoses are break-away. I squeeze the toothpaste from the top of the tube first. Both of my credit cards are currently residing in bars I've been to recently, waiting to be closed out. I never lift the seat before taking a leak. I'm the one who put the empty box of cereal back in the pantry. I once encountered a shortage of toilet paper during an emergency situation--the only available resource I had to call on was some coffee filters. I am the esteemed drummer for Colony. Matt HickenbothamMatt Hickenbotham
Jon ArmstrongJon Armstrong I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri and have played in bands since the age of 11. Nickname in college: "Strange". Went through a phase where I wore all black for months straight. Got a Masters in Neuroscience, because I think electricity in our body is cool. Metal and glass fascinate me. Amplifiers can be furniture. Sunday on the couch! I try to fight it, but I constantly fly by the seat of my pants. When I am really busy, I make sure that I am busy smelling the roses. I believe I am an informed optimist. When I play a show, I forget you are there. Jack-of-all-trades, master of nothing!